sherryl hustins

About Sherryl

Born in Chatham, New Brunswick, I am a self taught artist, who has worked primarily with acrylic on canvas.

Recently I have been exploring working with paint and resin on glass. I have always been inspired by beauty, and the many forms and textures it shows up as, in life.  Oftentimes, I look at objects with an eye as to how I will recreate it, and express my unique and usually colourful interpretation.

I am intrigued by using uncommon approaches to yield a piece of work that takes the viewer on a journey, and causes them to feel inspired.

"I paint because I have a deep soulful need to create.
The passion I have for art demands that I keep working at it,
honing my skill while staying open to new thoughts and ideas".  

In the re-imagined words of Robert Palmer,

"Might as well face it, I’m addicted to art!"